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quote the targeting of americans outside the united states. thus if an american is targeted anywhere in the world or if a person is targeted within the united states an individualized court order is required. in cases involving a foreign terrorist outside the united states, the foreign intelligence
quote fathers devised for us in the united states constitution in the effort to provide safety were mistaken. we can be safe while still complying with the constitution of the united states. i'm mindful that we began this congress reading most of the united states constitution on the floor of this house.
quote collection targeting foreigners located outside of the united states. i'm going to say that again, mr. speaker. targeting foreigners located outside of the united states. and not on americans located in the united states or anywhere else in the world. third, the f.a.a. is subject to a robust oversight structure including congress. and i can assure you that the intelligence committee takes this responsibility extremely
quote in the united states without an individualized court order from a fisa judge. the government cannot reverse target individuals overseas in order to monitor those in the united states. this means that the government cannot target a u.s. person simply by monitoring a non-u.s.
to nine new projects, it has not provided one single on-site bmr unit. we have repeatedly requested a list of the 16 projects in the pipeline proposed to build the 107 units, and as of today, we have not received any information. staff did confirm that the only project proposed in the category were those in the mayor's office of housing register. i will now address what we see as the socio-economic impacts of the five to nine unit legislation. the five to nine unit builders are perhaps best categorized as comparable to small, traditional, mom-and-pop neighborhood businesses. unlike most of their large-scale counterparts, they employed locally, pickaxes locally, support local supply companies and higher local tradesmen. they spend their money in local restaurants and grocery stores and send their children to local schools. they are part of the fabric of the city. -- support local supply companies and higher -- hire local tradesmen. the small to medium-sized builder is seldom perceived or treated with the same measure of support as small businesses. part of the american dream is to prosper,
quote devised for us in the united states constitution in the effort to provide safety were mistaken. we can be safe while still
quote outside the united states. foreign surveillance, under the fisa amendments act, is subject to extensive oversight by the administration and congress. every 60 days, justice department, national security officials and the director of national intelligence conduct
to the inclusion very housing requirements of 10 units. as discussed in the staff report, there has been no such sample for this residential building tight. as the legislation moves forward to the board, we intend to continue again to work closely with small developers, key community stakeholders, planning, and the mayor's office of housing staff to better understand the challenges of small developers and to explore an idea of reduced inclusion their requirements for these smaller residential buildings. we hope you will consider this idea in your discussion today. thank you. commissioner fong: thank you. i think that is it. is there any public comment on this item? >> commissioners, i am with the residential builders association. several of my colleagues and i will endeavor to summarize city housing trust history. mayor ed lee recognizes the need to replace steeply declining affordable financing for housing production with a reliable and continuous revenue stream, but he also recognized the need to create a stimulus for a crippled and acutely depressed local housing industry. to that end
of the department of public health's direct access to housing program were units are targeted specifically to house homeless persons in the city's system. the program is regarded as a national best practice. in 2004, a goal was set to create 3000 new permanent supportive housing units over a 10-year time span in order to provide housing and services to chronically homeless. development in san francisco is very expensive, and no one would dispute that pitted the former redevelopment agency and the mayor's office of housing are two key agencies in providing capital funds to create and rehabilitate projects to serve, among other populations, homeless persons. as part of the city's effort to address the problem of homelessness, the mayor's office of housing, in 2004, began prioritizing the development of nonprofit-owned and operated permanent supportive housing. because the residents of such housing are unable to pay enough rent to offset the cost of operations and maintenance, the operations of such a deeply affordable housing much rely on other forms of revenue to operate their buildings. examples of
is calibrated both in the percentage of units that are required, but also to an ami or affordability level. for ownership, our current program requires that 50% of on- site units be affordable to residents who make 90% of median income. but we also want the flexibility to, where appropriate, increase the ami level. rather than sell units at 90% ami, in some cases, it might make sense to sell units at 110% ami, a higher rate. because that higher income targeting will increase the sales price and reduced the gap between the sales price and production cost, this program will allow us to require a developer to provide more units, more than 12%. conversely, when it is appropriate to provide deeper availability -- let's say, 70% ami -- they would be required to provide fewer units. under future alternatives, and hire am -- at a higher ami level, we could provide or units or fewer units in the cases where we are looking at deeper affordability. this would be a modification of our program that would occur outside the charter. given that there is a lot going on here -- i have talked about a lot of
the planning code to move the unit numbers threshold for application of inclusion their affordable housing program. it is important to note that this ordinance would only become effective if the housing trust fund gets approval from the voters in the november election. if the voters approve the housing trust fund and the ordinance is adopted, it would move the threshold for considering the affordable housing inclusion their requirement from residential units with five units or more to those with 10 units or more. in my presentation, i will first get a background on the inclusion reprogram in the city and then discuss the impact of this ordinance. first, the background. in 1992, the planning commission adopted the city's first inclusion very affordable housing policy. since then, the program has been modified and incrementally expanded. most recently, in 2006, the requirements were changed in several aspects. some of these aspects include increasing the inclusion requirements, additions to the area of median income calculations, and expanding the requirement by lowering the threshold from p
on site requirements towp 15% and off sight or in lieu up to 20% and include five units or more and provision for off site to be constructed in 1 mile aideus of that project. while this was stub stated by studies by kaiser madison and the smaller was 100 plus unit project, and it's inconceivable by the committee and planning department can make recommendations for inclusionary housing requirement on five to nine housing projects and in fact they were never studied and the nearest size project was 100 units. the economy of scale and between that are incomparable and supervisors just to hold up the two pieces of paper. this is five to nine and this is 100 project. and the housing and yet we don't study the five to nine. we study a 100 unit project. the scale is not close. we should have studied the five to nine units. we didn't. we studied the 100 units, the smallest project and to continue my speech supervisors. with this flawed analysis and lead to one success in the city since the policy's conception in 2006 and i repeat this failed policy has one successful project.
units, 2,750 square feet of retail, 24 off-street parking spaces and one commercial parking space. please note plans are circulated and erroneously contain two commercial spaces and one will be eliminated. the projects on former parcel b in market octavia plan has three frontage, market and 8th. accessed primarily from octavia frontage adjacent to project site. the commission will be considered conditional use authorization request for development of the lot exceeding 10,000 square feet, for off-street parking access for the octavia boulevard frontage road. selected as winner of request for proposal competition in the economic and workforce development in 2007. this consists of representatives from the community and planning department. the design is several parcels. octavia from market to pell. goal is define projects for the former parcel sites that complemented octavia and design standards for the former parcels. at the time of competition the project was thought to embody these goals. project is designed for the ground floor retail on the octavia corner and frontage to market
. we haven't seen a lot of production of projects that have unit count or two below the threshold so we haven't seen this phenomenon be problematic but there are provisions in the code that allows the planning department to consider a multi-phase, multi-parcel as part of a project and not beholden to the requirements of the inclusionary program. when they come into to subdivide the parcel the planner that takes that in has notice of special restriction. this would require the future development, be it multiple parcels, to attend to the requirements of the inclusionary program and to record that at that time and it's tracked in the planning department case tracking system so when the project -- later date if a project comes in for entitlement, approval and will say they know or apply the inclusionary options at that time so there is a tracking system in place. >> supervisor kim. >> that was actually one of the concerns i had as the legislation was moving through the process over the summertime, so i was hoping you could explain again why it is in some cases planning do one of those and
and how sweden's top company plans to grow in the united states. britain's's pan european disclosed discussing a union to create a 93 billion dollar titan that would be the world's largest aerospace and defense company. deal if approved by global regulators would join europe's leading military and aerospace contractors into a new giant that builds commercial cargo fighter trainer aircraft helicopters and rockets and saturdayel lights missiles and radars and other sophisticated electronics communication systems and security products. the companys proprosed the -- proposed complex ownership ada holding 68% and bae40%. to alie security concerns executives have promised to operate bae's vast operation independently of the new parent. what does the deal mean globally what's next and what will government regulators be focusing on. join us is stev. grundman who analyzes and reviewed defense mergers and acquisition at the pentagon during the clinton administration and he advices defense and aerospace companies worldwide and has absolutely no stake in this particular transaction. >> no. righ
francisco is the largest per-capita chinese population of many in the united states in the most diverse state in the world's most averse democracy. the delegation will appreciate this as you walk the streets of san francisco at our best as it is across the state. people are living and a dancing together across every conceivable and imaginable difference. i have believed the world looks to us to say it is -- if it is possible to live together across every conceivable difference. we're proud of our home and place in history and proud of our example. but we also are humble in the context of the world we're living in. a world that is another connected but hyper-connected with a merger of i.t. and globalization. we recognize our faith -- fate is connected to the fate of others. that is the spirit that binds us together. the spirit that brings us here today. i want to close by reminding you that california is the birthplace as mayor lee was saying of life science, biotech, the home of the california stem cell institute, a state with more engineers, more scientists, more global -- nobel laurea
valley, close to three. our project manager craig hamburg lives in the neighborhood and led the 128-unit development. as ken rich articulated earlier our project in octavia began in 2007 when mayor's office of cousing sponsored a design competition to promote high-quality housing along octavia. stanley won the competition with an innovative and striking design. in 2011 we acquired the interest and have worked closely with mayor, housing and planning and community to define the design and create an outstanding mixed-use project that will serve as a vibrant gateway to the market octavia neighborhood. this will bring numerous benefits to the neighborhood and fulfill the vision of the market octavia plan. please indulge me as i go through some of the more significant benefits. i will take a site which has attracted crime and vandalism and transform it to a new landmark. will it bring positive activity both during the day and night. it will add residents to patronize local businesses, boost the local economy. it will will add 48 housing units with a good mix of one, two, three-bedroom units w
to every unit in both buildings within one week. do you have a procedural question? president hwang: ok. >> if the date or to remain closed and locked, i would like a call box at the sidewalks of my drivers can call up to the apartment and open up so they can pick me up to the handicapped access in the building. vice president fung: mr. duffy, you have questions, comments? >> sorry about complicating things. the moving back of 3 feet of the gate could create the level landing issue, because i believe that slopes down towards the street -- from the street towards the alley. even if they apply for a permit, i hope they get approval for it. if that permit was not approval, then the p.w. -- and the dpw would be revoked? i was looking at the gate and it's correct location, moving it, it is very hard to get that, and you have to have a level landing at the gate. i don't know if it will be a problem, but if it was, how that would affect if they would not be able to get the building permit, on their condition, then that would revoke the permit? vice president fung: yes. >> ok, that's fine. sorr
francisco, open government. on the overhead, i sent you the copy of the constitution of the united states which i feels compels to bring this to a commission meeting. members of the public who are listening, this is a copy of the current agenda and as you see, there it says as most city agendas do, know your rights under the sunshine ordinance. what we have here is an order of determination, dated march 1, 2011 against the police commission. and i will read it in part. findings of fact (inaudible) law, judging from the testimony and evidence presented (inaudible) comments to the commission constituted criticism protected by 67-15 d. and the commission abridged that in violation of the same. i say that because i knew it wouldn't be unusual to have the same thing happen again and last week at this meeting you did the same damn thing you did at that meeting. you rearranged your agenda moving public comment to the third item. and as a result a number of people whose names i got were forced to leave without leaving public comment because they had timed their attendance to the agenda that you h
of the united states. when you are making laws, it is not your prerogative to put your party first. host: alright. mr. woodward. guest: as i pointed out in the book, there is scene after scene where the republicans show that they will not budge on some of these things. in their view, they are adhering to the constitution. in their view, they're doing what is necessary. but the key point is that speaker boehner is at least a nominal leader of the republicans in the house and open these negotiations last year with the president. they're all kinds of offers and discusons going back and forth on this. you can see the detail and you -- you may blameahaw obama or you may blame the republicans or you may blame me for writing this. but this is, if you will, the performance review. this is what we used to always call the best obtainable version of the truth. host: 1 last phone call for you. south carolina. caller: please let me stay few facts and don't cut me off. host: we don't have time for a few facts. caller: first, i want to compliment mr. woodward on his book. i know he is a very intelligen
now!" >> the enormous latino presence in the united states, unless you understand america's role in latin america, and in fact the latino presence in the country is the harvest of the empire. >> "harvest of empire: the untold story of latinos in america." a new documentary opens this week based on "democracy now!" juan gonzalez's book, examining how u.s. intervention in latin america forced millions of people to move to the united states. we will speak with juan, as well as co-director eduardo lopez and air excerpts of the found. >> the american nation cannot, must not, and will not permit the establishment of another communist government in the western hemisphere. >> i am here because the united states invaded my country in 1965, and illegal invasion, completely trumped up excuse to invade the dominican republic and crush our democratic hopes. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. at least five people had been killed in u.s. drone strike inside pakistan. a pair of missiles reportedly struck a vil
the important role the house in place in our local economy. new housing units are important source of jobs, both construction and construction- related jobs. these are numbers that come from the national association of home builders. if you look at multifamily building, for every 100 units produced, 120 construction and construction-related jobs result. a very significant source of job creation in our city. this is a series of statements from our city and economist related to the role that housing played in our economic competitiveness. labor cost tri-cities competitiveness of a business location. two-thirds of the typical businesses expense is labor costs. housing drives the labor cost. housing costs are about 30% of consumer spending. we have the highest priced housing in the region. housing costs are a major reason why the average bay area wages are higher. why san francisco has been a slow growing job center as compared to other jurisdictions in the bay area. what brought us to the table to look at establishing a housing trust fund. we continue to struggle with closing the gap between what p
built. it's sad. it's a bit of a travesty that only 1bmr unit was produced and we missed out on that housing that would have been built and i worked in construction -- i have been around construction my whole life since i was listen year's old. basically the -- >> >> 11 year's old. basically this is a stepping stone for us. you can look at it you don't go straight to kindergarten maybe to university. maybe we would like to but that's not the way it works, so if you only have done a single family home, remodel projects, did you prux and you ask for financing for a nine unit project that is more units they laugh at you as you're walking out the door with your head down, so this is the only way by changing the rules. that's the only way we can produce five to nine unit projects in the city again. as i say i congratulate every one getting behind these projects. we know they're not built. now that we're back here we will see them being built again. it's a good thing for the builders and the homeowners and a general good thing for the city. thank you. >> good afternoon super
the united nations general assembly kicking off cha will be an extremely busy day for both candidates mixing policy and politics. but both the president's foreign policy and his schedule are coming under fire. he will not meet with a single world leader while the united nations is in session. that is a big break with tradition. instead, leaving secretary of the state hillary clinton with a nearly nonstop series of meetings including meeting with the leaders of afghanistan, egypt and pakistan. but the president did take an appearance on the talk show "the view." >> i just have a different vision about how we grow an economy. i think that you grow an economy from the middle out, not from the top down. >> and while the president took a shot at mitt romney over the economy, romney was hammering him over foreign policy. insisting the president's comments about bumps in the road in the middle east were out of line. >> these are developments we do not want to see. >> i want to bring in my fan tak fan takes sick panel, andrea mitchell, jamie rubin and "time" magazine's editor-at-large. good to see a
units. in 2006, it changed to five units. the report studied 100 units, which is 20 times larger than a five unit building. i would just like to make that point. one unit was built since the legislation was changed in 2006. the staff report alluded to the economy, but from july 19, 2006, through september 2008, when lehman brothers collapsed, there was two years of a housing boom in san francisco. i know project scott submitted. -- i know projects got submitted at that time. after all the information, i think it is time to approve this. i would say we need to give san francisco small builders and equal opportunity, a level playing field, and not burden them with excessive fees, which make it prohibitive to build. i am opposed to the pro rated fee. look at the working group sheet, and let all of us roll up our sheets -- our sleeves and get this approved by the voters in november. let us get some housing built. thank you for your support today. president fong: thank you very much. any additional speakers? ok, the public comment is closed. commissioners? commissioner antonini: thank you.
not accept what happened from some of the citizens of the united states who offended the prophet mohammed-- peace be upon him. there was also somebody who wanted to burn the koran and this is something we do not accept at all. so the demonstrations were an expression of a high level of anger and a rejection of what is happening and the u.s. embassy represents the symbol of america as a people and government so people, the demonstrators, had a loud voice and as a government, it's our responsibility as the government of egypt we protected the embassy. we do not condone any attack against any embassies or any guests. this is a part of our principles and culture and what our religion orders us to do. >> rose: so the united states government and egyptian government are friends, not enemies? >> ( translated ): we are not enemies, of course. >> rose: you're our friends? >> ( translated ): for sure we are friends. >> rose: allies? >> the u.s. president said otherwise. >> rose: i know he did. but i'm asking the egyptian president. do you consider the united states an ally? >> ( translated ): this
, 2003, the united states was pushing very hard to get iran referred to the u.s. security council for not being forthcoming. remember that there was the war in iraq. there was a strong push on the part of the europeans, especially britain, germany, and france not to go to the security council because they saw iran going the way of iraq. going to the security council would be a mandate for war. countries like france had been at odds with the united states over iraq and did not want to be at odds with the u.s. over iran, but wanted to stop the united states from doing what it did to iraq. we had a dramatic event where the foreign ministers of germany, in october, 2003, struck an agreement where iran would embark on uranium enrichment. it is the ultimate in dual use technology. it had the united states stepping back and britain, germany, and france became known as the eu3. in november of 2004, iran went along with this saying they would also be a part of uranium enrichment. but he doesn't buy, eu3 was submitting a proposal to iran promising help for its program. this is where you get
the united states government and egyptian government are friends, not enemies? >> ( translated ): we are not enemies, of course. >> rose: you're our friends? >> ( translated ): for sure we are friends. >> rose: allies? >> the u.s. president said otherwise. >> rose: i know he did. but i'm asking the egyptian president. do you consider the united states an ally? >> ( translated ): this is depending on the definition of an ally. we have a real partnership in the interest and we want to achieve the interest of the world and to participate in many issues-- diplomatic, political, economical-- exchange of expertise in several areas. so the understanding of an ally as a part of a military alliance this is not existing right now. but if you mean by ally, partner and special diplomatic relationship and cooperation we are that ally. >> rose: president morsi for the hour. next. >> tonight a special edition of charlie rose. >> rose: mohamed morsi won an historic election this june to become the fifth president of egypt. he is the first civilian to hold this title. two years ago it would have been
this before. go to december, 1941, pearl harbor is bombed. the united states entered world war ii. it looks really grim. it looks like we possibly can not win this war. franklin roosevelt found a way to do it. leaders have to fix problems. i do not think it 1% of the people will remember who the speaker of the house is during world war ii. it is in the president's grasped. the president has that responsibility. what's interesting, i think president obama realizes that. i would expect governor romney, if he becomes president, would realize that, too. that is where the buck stops, as has been said. host: on obstruction, we get a lot of people talking about what mitch mcconnell said, the republican's main goal after obama wins. your reporter about what he said and the full context of what he said. guest: he's a tough guy. his goal is to make sure that obama is a one-term president. my assistant dug in to that interview. we wanted to find out when mcconnell said that and exactly what he said. it turns out what he also said in that interview was, "i don't want obama to fail. i want him to change
the department of homeland security is ability to prevent terrorists from traveling to the united states. we have an excellent panel of witnesses. i would remind the panelists and the committee that in remembrance of this day, 9/11, 11 years ago, we have some pictures on the back of this room that should remind everyone why this committee was formed. there will be a commemorative ceremony at 11:00 today. all the members of congress will be gathering, the house and senate, at the east center staircase for the ceremony marking in the observance of september 11th, 2001. this committee will be joining our other colleagues and we will have opening statements from myself and a ranking member, and then the statements of our witnesses. and we will see where we are on time, because we will probably have a hard break at about 10:50 a.m. our witnesses today are kevin mcclellan, acting assistant commissioner in customs and border protection, john woods, assistant director for national security investigation at ice, the deputy assistant secretary for visa services and the acting inspector general for homeland
, september 25. president obama delivers his fourth address to the united nations in new york today. topics include libya, iran, syria, and north korea. he will have remarks around noon eastern at the clinton global initiative. republican candidate mitt romney will speak first at the event, 9:00 a.m. this morning, live coverage on c-span 2. in the papers, all eyes focused on new york for the united nations gathering. we want to get your take on the united nations and global affairs. you can also send us a tweet. post your comments on facebook. or email us. let's start with the money. the united nations budget for its operations for 2012/2013. the breakdown like this -- let's look at peacekeeping efforts, that is a separate budget. this is all from the united nations web site and global solutions and reuters. the operational budget and the peacekeeping budget -- what you think the u.n.'s role is in global affairs? we will start with today's headlines -- here's the baltimore sun this morning with this headline -- we want to get your take this morning on the role of the un in global affairs. p
conferences, one the united nations general assembly in which representatives of the nations who are members of the general assembly come here, including heads of state and foreign ministers and others at the clinton global initiative, business and government and ngo s were in attendance to talk about big ideas, big problems. one of the problems they talked about at both places was syria. another was middle east protest about a film that attacked mohammed and the third was iran and nuclear weapons. we begin with the former president of the united states bill clinton in conversation with me and my colleague at cbs nora o'donnell. >> rose: do you think this election the president has said that change has to come from outside rather than in washington, that this election has the possibility of producing a change that will be able to overcome gridlock. >> i don't think it to the only has the possibility, i think it almost certainly will. and let me explain why. i think the president's going to win but let's assume governor romney won. if he wins, that almost certainly means the republicans will
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 8,260 (some duplicates have been removed)